Class CASClient::Client
In: lib/casclient/client.rb
Parent: Object

The client brokers all HTTP transactions with the CAS server.



cas_base_url  [R] 
extra_attributes_session_key  [R] 
log  [R] 
login_url  [W] 
logout_url  [W] 
proxy_callback_url  [RW] 
proxy_retrieval_url  [RW] 
proxy_url  [W] 
service_url  [W] 
username_session_key  [R] 
validate_url  [W] 

Public Class methods

Public Instance methods

Returns true if the configured CAS server is up and responding; false otherwise.

Requests a login using the given credentials for the given service; returns a LoginResponse object.

Returns the CAS server‘s logout url.

If a logout_url has not been explicitly configured, the default is cas_base_url + "/logout".

destination_url:Set this if you want the user to be able to immediately log back in. Generally you‘ll want to use something like request.referer. Note that the above behaviour describes RubyCAS-Server — other CAS server implementations might use this parameter differently (or not at all).
follow_url:This satisfies section 2.3.1 of the CAS protocol spec. See

Requests a login ticket from the CAS server for use in a login request; returns a LoginTicket object.

This only works with RubyCAS-Server, since obtaining login tickets in this manner is not part of the official CAS spec.

Requests a proxy ticket from the CAS server for the given service using the given pgt (proxy granting ticket); returns a ProxyTicket object.

The pgt required to request a proxy ticket is obtained as part of a ValidationResponse.